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Being proactive by making your brand’s presence known on social media is the most critical and effective way you can interact with your customers and how you handle what they have to say about your brand to others. By partnering with a Digital Marketing agency to manage your social media and with a comprehensive plan on how they will do so, will take the worry out of managing the legwork while delivering the KPIs that matter to your brand’s bottom line.

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*Set Fees are one-time fees for consultancy, strategic planning, and project onboarding. This also includes first-month payment. 

Social Media Marketing & Management

Amplify Your Brand’s voice by hiring a professional Social Media team to manage your social media activity and strategic engagement. Take your brand to the next level with Social.

Social Media Plan

As tempting as it is to share those cat memes to your fans for a few Likes, you’re going to have to try a little harder than that. A successful social media plan is your playbook on how you will grow your brand’s loyalty on social with great and original content,and how you’ll engage your fans long term

Campaign Management

With a social media plan outlined, we’ll incorporate campaigns to keep your customers and fans excited about your brand with the most relevant KPIs to assess performance and where future campaigns can take your brand in the future

Engagement Strategy

It’s important that your brand is the one that is being talked about most by your fans and customers. How you engage with them and keep their interest should be a key priority in your digital marketing efforts. We’ll plan a strategy that guarantees you’re all the rage in any conversation

Content Marketing

Define your brand’s voice online, and then creating, publishing, and distributing multiple types of content for your key channels as part of your online marketing strategy to drive online sales and growth  

Community Management

Build an authentic community among your customers, through various types of interaction. This is your opportunity for your brand to interact with your audience to create a network in which they can connect, share, and grow

Measurement and Analysis

Having a social media plan is fine. Having an engagement plan is fine, too. We’ll make sure that we measure and optimize these initiatives and that they are aligned with your overall goals to drive your sales and revenue

Hire a Social Media Manager

Managing your brand’s presence online is no easy task. It is an endeavor that requires you to commit many hours a week and to find exciting ways to spark interest and engage your audience consistently. Luckily, you’re not alone in this.

Hire a social media manager that has years of experience in fine tuning to perfect social media strategy that is tailor made for your business and is aligned well with your overall marketing objectives.

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