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Manila Internet Marketing is an internationally recognized agency with a team of passionate digital marketers, designers, project managers and creatives who are driven to thrive in the digital industry. We are always on the lookout for new talents.  We are adapting to the next normal — REMOTE WORKING.

In fact, our Founder has been on remote and flexible working for 15 years and counting!

Ready To Make an Impact?

If you’re interested to join our team and seriously want to make an impact with both Nationally and Internationally recognized brands, We urge you to take the leap and apply for any of our available roles. Who knows, you might just be the perfect fit we’re looking for to help take us to the next level.


Are you ready to become a better Freelancer?

Our Mission

To offer a unique and innovative approach to impeccably cost effective digital marketing services to brands and companies globally.

During this pandemic, our goal is to help displaced Digital Freelancers find jobs through us. 

Making an Impact

The bottom line is important for each and every client. We want to deliver solid work we can all be proud of at a level of quality that is not only memorable but speaks volumes of our passion.

Company Culture

We’re laid back but we work hard. We enjoy working independently but we’re strongest when we’re together as a team.

At the end of the day, we just expect you to be responsible for your work. And having a great positive attitude is also appreciated.

Join Our Team

Please read for initial assessment (and answer our form below when you are ready!)

Are you a Freelancer looking to join Manila Internet Marketing? If you are a hard-working Digital Freelancer who is open to accept projects from us, we welcome you to join us!

Note though — since some of our rates are published on our website, we may have a different offer to you as a Freelancer because we have our operations, training costs, and taxes. If you have a rate card, you may be able to submit it to us.

Advantages of joining our team:

  • As we get through the pandemic, the Freelancers who work with us for at least a year can have full-time roles on flexible working and work benefits like what employees receive. (We offer benefits to regular employees/freelancers. Terms and conditions apply and to be discussed.)
  • Training – we are here to train you and help you get better at your skills. Since we just got back in business, we can start with one project at a time. Maximum of 3-5 projects per Freelancer if full-time with us depending on the position.
  • Clients – if you are struggling to find good clients online, our company receives inbound inquiries and we also spend money on marketing and advertising. By partnering with us, we will take care of the usual freelancer headache when working with clients.
  • Team – you will be working with a team. You will focus on your digital skill. Each client project has at least 3-4 people working together.
  • Transparent Pay – upon onboarding, you will already see how much you will get paid per project and because we take care of the clients, we will make sure that you will be paid. 
  • Software – our company takes care of the software like social media management, analytics, project management, etc.

Please do not join if:

  • You already have more than 2-3 projects right now.
  • You already charge the same/more than our published rates, (While we try to get clients at our published rates, during a hard time, we may give discounts to clients.)
  • You are already happy with your freelance career.

We are also hiring for full-time remote employees. Please fill up the same form for reference. Thank you!