Who We Are

The Chief Internet Marketing Strategist

Fei Anne Adricula has been making money online since 18 years old. She started with Blogging, Affiliate Marketing, and CPA and makes money online with promoting ebooks and digital courses. After 3 years of making money online, she then decided to study Professional Internet Marketing by helping businesses promote and market online.

She is currently 24 years young, loves God, a Christian, a daughter, a sister, a friend, and socially connected online. She likes discovering and learning more about the latest Internet Marketing updates and strategies to apply to her own company and MIM’s clients and projects.

In 2009, while studying in McGrath Institute of Business Australia, she started to help small and medium sized businesses in the US by accepting outsource projects on Website Development, SEO, and Social Media Marketing. Most of these projects are done online from her home. After going back to the Philippines in 2010 and briefly working for a Los Angeles based online marketing agency, she started Manila Internet Marketing in late 2010 and began working with Philippines businesses. In 2011, she obtained a Master Certificate in Internet Marketing from University of San Francisco to acquire more skills in the Digital Marketing world.

Her skills have helped small and medium businesses extend their brands online and create a presence on the Internet – getting prospects and leads, and converting them into loyal customers and subscribers. She specializes with creating, managing, and executing Internet Marketing strategies and campaigns – including Internet Marketing strategy plans, Research and Analysis, SEO, Traffic and Lead Generation, Mobile Marketing, and her favorite Social Media Marketing and Management.

To date, her company Fei Yie Marketing Consultancy (Manila Internet Marketing) has helped companies with their Internet Marketing campaigns in the Philippines and overseas.


The Managing Director

Wendell is a professional with high-level management experiences in multiple industries like sales, customer service, banking, and marketing. He believes that the best way to achieve success is to motivate the resources he has with well-defined objectives and empowerment. His management beliefs are based on integrity, quality, and service, along with a positive attitude, an aptitude for thought and planning, and the ability to adapt quickly to new ideas and situations to achieve consistent and significant success.

Prior to joining FYMC together with her younger sister, he worked in BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) industries and consultancy firms thus learning the fundamentals of businesses and the value of serving people.

He is married to a wonderful woman and will be a father soon.


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